Armed with a samurai sword, rocket propelled grenade launcher, Mandalorian jetpack and goggles, Abraham “Danger” Lincoln must defend this once great nation from hordes of mindless undead, fighting off countless brain-thirsty zombies, ravenous vampires and corrupt politicians.

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him a dragon, an RPG and a jetpack.”

This original BrickAwesome minifigure set includes…

▶ A complete “The LEGO Movie” Minifigures collectible Abraham Lincoln, including stand, Gettysburg Address tile, original head and yellow hands
▶ Black gloved hands for protection from the elements
▶ Rocket-propelled grenade launcher for crowd control at a distance
▶ Blackedout Hanzo samurai sword for separating anything from anywhere
▶ JT-12 Mandalorian Jetpack he took after slaying a mouthy bounty hunter that harassed his woman, Mary Todd, at a saloon in Illinois in the fall of 1842 (they were married shortly after).
▶ Hi-tech snowboard goggles for keeping blood and wind out of his eyes. Also great for hitting the slopes.
▶ A genuine LEGO fire-breathing red dragon.

All parts are in like-new condition and made with real LEGO, except the rocket propelled grenade launcher which is 100% ABS plastic (same material as LEGO) and fully minifig compatible… as you can see from how becoming it is on Mr. Lincoln here.

This is the perfect birthday gift for that grizzled LEGO enthusiast or humorous history buff in your life – or as an addition to your next BrikWars army!

To learn more about BrikWars visit brikwars dot com and get ready to lose hours of otherwise productive time immersed in epic tabletop brick mayhem.

Or just add Action Lincoln to your collection ’cause he’s Brickin’ Awesome.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD! Small items. Not for children under 3 years old or any individuals who tend to place inedible objects in their mouth or nose. Or ears. Or anywhere else…